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The Artistic Side of Cinema

16-02-2011 om 12:00 by Amanda Potter

123Last Sunday Dan and I finally made the time to see a film at Maastricht’s independent film house, Lumiere Cinema. Not your typical destination for the usual Hollywood blockbusters, Lumiere brings a collection of films from around the world that otherwise would not likely be aired locally.

A trip to the Lumiere Cinema will take you up past the Markt Square and into an attractive old building which houses 5-6 theaters and a nice cafe. The cafe in fairly inexpensive with finger foods and drinks available for before and after your film. Just remember that snacks are not welcome inside. Because the theaters are on the small side, popular films often fill up quickly (our first attempt to see True Grit at Lumiere met with failure; it was sold out). To avoid disappointment, especially on the weekends, it’s best to reserve your seats in advance via their website. You don’t have to pay online, so it is quite convenient. Tickets are reasonable at 8 euros for adults and can be even less with a yearly lumierepas.

Because Lumiere’s films come from both Dutch and international producers, its important to check if the film you want to see is in a language you’ll understand. Most films are shown in their original language with Dutch subtitles, but a small collection are also shown with English subtitles. Their website is an excellent place to double check language (as well as times and available films), and it even features an English Section, which lists films either originally in English or subtitled in the language.

In addition to their normal rotation of films, Lumiere also participates in several film and artistic festivals throughout the year. This week they will be showing films for the "Queer It Up" festival (February 15-20). Another ongoing series is “Footprint Films”, a series of sustainability themed films arranged by Maastricht students intended to raise awareness in their peers.  The 2011 "Made in Europe" Film Festival will also be screening several films at the Lumiere.

To learn more about the theater and all it has to offer, visit the Lumiere Cinema website.

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Amanda Potter moved to Maastricht from Boston, Massachusetts in April, 2009 with her husband Dan for his research position at the University of Maastricht. Between exploring their adopted country and learning about a new culture, Amanda blogs about her experience and the city at Amanda works as a freelance writer and web designer at and webmaster for the comic She has two globetrotting cats that keep her company in their second floor Maastricht flat.
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